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Ruxandra Mitache / Pierre Ajavon



19. September - 30. October 2021

"Hearing with the Eyes" erkundet die Interaktion welche aus Kombination und Kontrast zwischen der digitalen und der analogen Fotografie entsteht.

Bewegtbild versus statischer Aufnahme, abstrakte Formen und Landschaften im Erscheinungsbild synchronisierter Klänge.

Eine Installation mit Projektionen abstrakter Filmsequenzen, konstruiert aus analogen Aufnahmen und transparenten digitalen Fotografien von Berglandschaften.

Die Installation von Ruxandra Mitache wird von den digitalen Klängen von Pierre Ajavon ergänzt und schafft eine Atmosphäre der abstrakten emotionalen Erfahrung.

"Hearing with the Eyes" explores the interaction created by the combination and contrast between digital and analog photography, moving image versus

static frames, abstract shapes and landscapes in the appearance of synchronised


An installation with projections of abstract moving images constructed from analog photography frames and transparent digital photographs of mountains, accompanied by specific sounds creating an atmosphere of abstract emotional experiences.

Hearing with the Eyes connects the traditional and modern mediums, translated in a constant rhythmic motions, black and white abstract shapes playing a hypnotic visual game before our eyes, the images reminding about memory and the passage of time.

"Hearing with the Eyes" 

Installation by Ruxandra Mitache 

Sound by Pierre Ajavon


Foto: Ruxandra Mitache

The plexiglass light object is especially created in this form, the juxtaposition of the three mountains is a conceptual study into the generous constellation of the photographic medium. I wanted them exposed like in a moving image sequence, the transparent layers of the printed images are silently moving between the constancy, firmness and stillness of this particular symbol of the mountain.

The photograms are emotional light projections, like a spherical sound, they are particularly printed with a specific vibration of light, sequential movements and experimental time exposures.

I think of poetry as a territory for sharing. I added the practice of writing to my work, and I began with small poems, I usually prefer to write experimental things.


I found that writing helps me to imagine and construct the form of the movie or project that I want to start working on. The minimalistic touch of words is so colorful to me, with so many nuances. Writing poetry is very similar like writing music, the words are important fluids, transparent worlds of consciousness.

Text by Ruxandra Mitache


15 Photograms with frame (30x24,5cm) - 2021, Ruxandra Mitache.                             

  3 printed plexiglass and one neon light (120x67,5cm) - 2021, Ruxandra Mitache


Eye Object (20x19cm) Plaster - 2021, Ruxandra Mitache                                                                                              

2 Framed Drawings (40x30cm) Marker on Paper - 2021, Ruxandra Mitache                                                                                                                            


Hearing with the Eyes, multimedia installation   

Projection - 2021, Ruxandra Mitache         

Sounds     - 2021, Pierre Ajavon                                                                                                                 


Poems with sounds - 2021, Ruxandra Mitache 

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